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It is time to change your way of living into a healthy and vigorous lifestyle. Traditional medical treatments rely on artificial and synthetic means, which often give you many negative side effects. Alternative medicine utilizes what God has given us in nature to cure our bodies and maintain excellent health. At Dr. Na Zhai Clinic, Alternative Medicine Springfield IL, we offer natural medicine, also known as holistic medicine to give you great health without the use of artificial drugs. We also can do acupuncture therapy, and utilize Chinese medicine and remedies.

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Bobby was constantly affected by involuntary movements in his neck and shoulder called tics, which were a component of Tourette syndrome.  His physician tried several different medications to control his symptoms without help.  The last medication actually caused side effects that nearly killed him.  After receiving treatments from Dr. Na, his tics greatly diminished and his condition improved.  His only "side effect" was that he lost 80 lbs!  Now he has remained healthy, drug-free, and symptom-free since 2005.

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Message from Dr. Na

Being a serious and disciplined person, I naturally find it difficult to believe in miracles. However, after having witnessed first hand the rapid recovery of so many of my patients, from severe suffering and even death's door, it has made me a true believer. They have recovered from various cruel diseases, without the use of addictive and deadly medications. The benefits of natural remedies, and holistic treatments is that you recover naturally, without the many complications and side effects of synthetic drugs.

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Health Wisdom

You have probably come to this website because you recognize the importance of your health to be able to enjoy your life. Most of us don't realize the value of our health until we lose it. In this modern world, many people value their wealth over their health. We often spend more of our time and resources on our cars, houses and other worldly possessions than on our own body.

Then as we get older, most of our accumulated wealth has to be put back into restoring our health due to chronic and premature health problems. By the time we realize we need to take better care of ourselves, it is so often too late: Cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and immune system deficiencies are unnecessarily ravaging our bodies. The bottom line is, a car can be replaced by going to the nearest dealership, but you can't just go out and purchase a new body. That's why it is so important to tune into your body's needs and take care of them now, so to enjoy good health now and in the future.

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